The Drought Has Ceased

I’m officially naming this summer as The Summer Without Internet. Because that’s what it wound up being. Well, aside from lots of working at the bakery, some fun times with friends, a couple of BBQs here and there, and other such summery goodness, of course. But now I can add “cessation of my lack of connection to the world” to the list of events these past couple of months, thank the powers that be.

Understandably, I have so much to catch up on–e-mail, research I’ve been putting off, organizing, finances… So I can’t be bringing this site up to speed just yet, but expect some massive updating soon followed by the regularity I’ve been attempting to accomplish for ages.

It feels so good to be back!

11 thoughts on “The Drought Has Ceased”

  1. Thanks so much! And as for the whole Friday/weekend thing, it’s kind of a week-by-week basis for me as far as convenience goes. If you would like to come out a specific weekend, let me know, and I can tell you if it works for me. :] My work schedule varies a lot, since I’m the most flexible person at the bake, so it really depends.

  2. Yeah my schedule isn’t set in stone either. I am free this Friday (tomorrow), but not this weekend. I work every other weekend, so I am free next weekend if that is convienent for you :updown:

  3. Hm, next weekend probably won’t be good. I’m doing family things in celebration of my birthday (which is Tuesday :]). But keep me informed of what works for you, and we’ll definitely figure something out while the weather’s still lovely! 🙂

  4. Quite busily, as you can probably imagine from the length of time it took to reply. 😛 There’s been a lot of…chaos in my life the past few weeks. X/

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