Quite Possibly the Longest Gap Ever

After finally getting Internet access at last summer’s rental room, a whole series of events took place that had me completely distracted from this site. By the time I was set to get back into it all, I went to upgrade WordPress only to have it all go wrong because the server liquidstar is on doesn’t have the required versions of things. X/ I didn’t have the patience to deal with fixing it at the time (January, after I finally graduated college!), so the site just stagnated in a state of brokenness for over 8 months.

Until yesterday and today, when I finally took the time to fix it all and get it up and running again, thanks in no small part to being housebound due to yet another sprained ankle. 😛

Now the site is shiny and pretty, I’ll be happy to get back into blogging as I move into yet another new chapter in my life. One that seems to be starting off even bigger and brighter than any before. 🙂 I’m moving clear across the country from New York to California, with a couple of fledgling possibilities setting smiles across my face on a daily basis. 🙂

Right now, though, my mind needs a break from all this graphics-editing and coding and fiddling. X)

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