Controversies Over Choice

I watched a documentary recently, 12th & Delaware, on an intersection in Florida that features a women’s health clinic that provides abortions and an anti-choice center coercing women to maintain their pregnancies. It really irks me that such centers are allowed to exist and deliberately disseminate their blatantly false information.

What it all boils down to is people have a right to make decisions about their own bodies. While, yes, we are capable of critical thinking, we understandably rely on other people to educate us on matters we know little about – not everyone is a neurosurgeon, for example, … Continue reading

“Love the Way You Lie”

I first listened to this song a few weeks ago, and it’s really been sticking with me. On top of the facts that I’ve harbored a long-time appreciation for Eminem as a sort of guilty pleasure and Rihanna’s chorus is catchy and sung beautifully as always, I’m a one-time survivor and currently navigating my way through a relationship-turned-nonrelationship much like the one addressed in the song (second-time survivor-to-be?).

The song lyrics and video illustrate so perfectly situations and peculiarities I’ve experienced with both of my abusive relationships. The first one was completely one-sided–more like the circumstances the character Tommy on … Continue reading

Poll: Toilet Seats

This poll comes to you courtesy of an incredibly wrong exchange between my sister, her boyfriend, and myself this evening! Proceed at your own risk, as I take no responsibility for the tremendously awful trains of thought that might ensue after consideration of the poll question and answer choices… I know in creating it that I had moments of nearly wanting to bleach my brain!


I’ve been staring at a blank box in WordPress for days, trying to come up with something to write about. Since about Tuesday, however, I have had absolutely ZERO attention span for anything because I feel just so…full of EVERYTHING.

That is completely nonsensical, but that’s exactly how I feel right now. Full of everything!

And it’s not terrible in the slightest. 🙂

My Struggle With Eating Disorders, Part II

To pick up where Part I left off, I made my way to begin anew in San Francisco…

It all started off quite swimmingly. The entire environment in California, even Northern Cali where there aren’t really any beaches and generally the scene isn’t that stereotypical sunny, OC, blondes-in-bikinis thing, encourages a healthier lifestyle. At least from my experience. All the hills in San Fran kept me active (I don’t drive, and have always had this mentality of even $1.25 for a bus ride is more than the FREE that walking costs ;P), and living with my non-cooking aunt meant tempting … Continue reading

My Struggle With Eating Disorders, Part I

I was going to write about performing, since it’s something I’m considering getting back into when I return to NY for however long, but reading things around the Internet changed my mind. I haven’t ever written at length about my struggle with eating disorders–only ever a single entry in my LiveJournal years ago when I first admitted to myself that I was anorexic.

Growing up, I was always the Chubby One. As far back as both I can remember and have pictures to document, I was plump. It’s excusable when you’re very young–the whole baby fat thing, and generally people … Continue reading


It’s so obious to me that I’ve finally found a place that feels like home. Plenty of times over the years I’ve felt like I was home, but never AT home. People felt like home, never places. I was never itching to get back from a trip or that I’d miss a place when gone.

And I haven’t–I haven’t missed any of the places I’ve ever been except Sydney. Whenever I’ve left on a trip, no matter how brief, I’ve been anxious to get back here and so happy to be HOME. The memories of all the places I’ve been … Continue reading


The past month has really taken a toll on me mentally. I had been in the process of applying for work sponsorship through the job I’ve had here in Australia since last October, and the end result was that I didn’t qualify. The waiting alone had taken a real toll on me–I don’t do very well with not knowing things. Positive or negative, I can deal with whatever the facts are once they’re made clear, but wondering never sits well with me.

By all accounts, it was entirely unexpected that I wouldn’t get the job and sponsorship. However, new Immigration … Continue reading

Emoting and Trusting

I generally tend to wear my heart on my sleeve as far as my general mood and emotions are concerned. I actually find it pretty difficult to contain myself, really, when I’m excited about something, upset, angry, and so on. Though angry is an extremely rare occurence–as Leonard described Penny in an episode of “The Big Bang Theory” once:

Leonard: Dont take this the wrong way, but you do seem to have that overexposed-to-gamma-radiation thing going on.
Penny: Excuse me?
Leonard: Its just that usually you’re sweet Bruce Banner, but when you get angry, you get all… Grrr! Continue reading

I Love Hyperbole!

I do indeed love rhetorical hyperbole. Anyone who regularly interacts with me in person and gets me telling stories or otherwise talking about virtually anything will experience my innate excitability and penchant for utilizing phrases like “[superlative description] in the HISTORY OF THE UNIVERSE!” Yes, I do indeed talk in all-caps. I’ll have to work on a valid scientific means by which to prove this… I also posses a deep appreciation for alliteration and litotes, but those are devices for another day.

While my boundless love of exaggeration has gone on for years, if not decades, my love for Continue reading