Thank God It Wasn’t the Gluten!

Despite the difficulties I’d been experiencing trying to find things to fit my lifestyle that were also gluten-free, I managed to stick to it for a week before giving in to some bread that I had been craving. I’d been feeling great, actually, so I was afraid I had just undone all the work of a week for several slices of carby heaven. Much to my delight, I continued feeling great despite the obviously glutenous mass of molecules I had consumed. Therefore, I have come to the self-assessed conclusion that my digestive and nutritive issues are purely IBS- and lactose-intolerance-related.

I can pretty much confirm the development of lactose intolerance from the fact that, having been able to stick to the no-milk thing, I’ve been feeling great. Then while in Reno on business a couple of days ago, I absentmindedly used some half-and-half in a cup of coffee only to be faced with tummy gurgles and bubbles not even half an hour later. So I am immensely thankful I can return to my general eating pattern aside from milk products. Sticking to soy I can definitely live with! I’ve actually grown to prefer it in my espresso drinks–a sugar-free caramel latte I had just earlier today was better with soy, in my opinion, than any I’d previously tasted thanks to the pleasant nuttiness to accompany the toasty sweetness.

Now, to savor my dinner of a tuna salad wrap–yum, gluten!! ;D

1 thought on “Thank God It Wasn’t the Gluten!”

  1. I had to bring it back when I redid this site. ;D I got a little guilty-feeling about having this site wholly designed by me but then using downloaded smileys!

    I do know it comes in tablets, I just hadn’t been thinking of it! I should really look into getting some and seeing how they work. It would be so convenient to keep with me for the times I can’t find a place that has soy milk for my daily latte while I’m travelling. ;x

    Oh, wow, congratulations on the studying at NYU! 😀 I’m excited for you. Maybe we can meet up the next time I’m headed back there, if I stay longer than my last return trip to NY which wound up only having time for family, for the most part. :]

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