Go ‘Break a Leg’–Like, RIGHT NOW!

So I met these guys in a bar. No, wait, don’t stop reading yet–this is really going somewhere good, believe me. So, guys in a bar… Turns out they are some of the brains behind this insanely-good Internet sitcom titled Break a Leg. Picture the film editing feel of Goodfellas shaken up James Bond martini-style with well-timed sarcastic humor and a splash of ridiculous comedic moments à la Monty Python. Just the fact that I’m actually watching a sitcom for once since the days of Full House on TGIF should speak volumes of the quality of entertainment bestowed upon the Web by the Break a Leg team.

Go check it out, like, yesterday. Seriously! I’ve been thanking my lucky stars–as I sit on the BART going to and from work undoubtedly receiving curious and confused stares from other passengers observing me laughing at my iPod–I wasn’t so buzzed as to be oblivious to the site address scrawled on a piece of paper for me by these random guys at a bar. I promise it’ll prove stories that start out with “so I […] in a bar…” aren’t invariably lame. ;D

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