Some People Ask Me Why I’ve Moved Out on My Own

Now this is why I really left my parents’ house for a place in Port Jeff…

Sitting in the shade on a bench near the harbor on a breezy, partly sunny, warm day while live music wafts between the zephyrs from a nearby restaurant second-floor patio. Thanks to wireless broadband access from the ferry, I can enjoy this gorgeous environment while updating my laptop and downloading some large files I wouldn’t dare attempt to download on dial-up at home.

The fact that I actually have off from work on a weekend day like this makes it even better, since the village is alive with people passing by, motorcycle groups gathering and riding around, and other signs of energetic, small town living.

Life is wonderful today. 🙂

I ate a goodie for Guilty Pleasure Sundays yesterday, knowing I had today off. That entry to come shortly… :]

16 thoughts on “Some People Ask Me Why I’ve Moved Out on My Own

  1. Hey are you into the World Cup? Italy beat Germany on the Fourth of July and then… my whole neighborhood was almost torn down by really really excited car honking and flag waving Italians lol.

  2. Oh, it’s definitely still noisy here. And Port Jeff Village actually has the feel of a small city more than a true suburb. In fact, I don’t think any area I’ve lived in really qualifies as a true suburb. I’ve always been walking distance from a major highway until now, and here it’s more like San Francisco (without the perfect weather, unfortunately) than anything else.

    I guess I should’ve mentioned that I was listening to the music carefully through the incessant sounds of passing cars, trucks, motorcycles, boats, etc. ;]

    Hehe, yeah, there was much excitement at work on the Fourth after Italy won that game–the owners are first-generation Italians, so the whole family was on the phone with each other thrilled with the news of the win.

    Myself, I couldn’t care less about soccer. 😡 I hadn’t even known it was World Cup time until the bosses made a big deal out of it! Baseball, on the other hand, is an occasional sport indulgence of mine…

  3. Oo that’s good, but I don’t think San Francisco has the perfect weather, I went there once on August by driving from LA and it was cold! And really cloudy/misty. LA on the other hand was burning hot.

    Yeah I don’t really care about soccer, I’m more into basketball and the NFL.

  4. Yep, he’s definitely retired. I can say that with such surety because he’s my cousin. ;D

    And I’m sure there was a riot–Italy won yesterday! My boss even left work earlier than usual to watch the game, heh. :]

  5. Heh, yeah, back in Middle and High School, quite a few people had asked me to get autographs when I got to see him at family reunions. 😡

    Though he’s retired from football, he isn’t retired in general–ever since Katrina, he’s been very involved with hurricane recovery/relief. Even though it’s been a while since he was with the Saints, he never left Louisiana (just outside New Orleans, but I still think they lost their house last year, IIRC :hrm:). So he’s been doing that along with a lot of the other activist things he’s involved with.

  6. Hihi, I’m thinking of going to Port Jefferson to fill my stomach with all sorts of great food on a Friday or on a weekend. Would you be free on those days?

  7. Hi Melody, PJ is great. I had a small apt on Main Street. (1977-81) The building burnt down some time ago, my rent was $130/month. I shared this small motor boat with a friend and I would go puttering out to the lagoon at the end of the harbor. You can also get there via Belle Terre road. The water in the lagoon gets warm in the Summer so I would go swimming. Anyway that was my favorite spot. One time I took the boat right out the harbor and ended up over on the Stony Brook side. The tide went out and I ended up getting grounded. Well what I remember is sitting there, stuck and eating chocolate pudding waiting for the tide to come back in. Anyway Virgos rule so was thinking of you. San Francisco is great, we had a little cool spot and now we go into Indian Summer. I like watching the fog roll in over the hills and I have a perfect view from my office at work. Not only can I watch the planes take off I can watch the fog roll in. As far as home, well Noe Valley has the best weather in the city. There is a jet stream that parts the fog and the sun shines in. I miss everyone. You are welcome anytime. Love ya.

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