Pausing for a Moment

The second Guilty Pleasure Sundays and other things I’ve wanted to write about will have to wait a while… I got a cut that required three stitches on Monday, so typing–among many other normal, day-to-day things–is an annoyingly slow and difficult process with a disabled finger (the index of my left hand, of all of them!) and I’m trying to avoid it as much as possible until I’m healed, which is looking to be (ugh) at least two weeks from now. X/

6 thoughts on “Pausing for a Moment”

  1. Thanks for the well wishes, both of you. :] I’m finally able to type normally again–with a little tenderness, but it’s definitely tolerable. And the stitches should be coming out in a matter of hours now, thankfully! I’m getting quite tired of their insect-looking, plasticky presence in my fingertip. ;P

    As far as any picture-posting goes, Michael, I’m definitely photographing them for documentation purposes, but I think I’ll spare my readers the unpleasant sight of my sliced fingertip and the sutures embedded in it. ;P If you’re really that interested in seeing the pictures, though, I don’t have a problem e-mailing them to you personally.

  2. That’s good to hear that you finger is healed. Send them to me please :left: hehe. Doing anything special for the July 4th weekend?

  3. I’d wanted to do before-and-after shots the day I went to have the stitches removed, but my stupid camera wouldn’t focus on my finger no matter how close or far I held it, how I had the zoom set, or how many times I otherwise tried to focus on it. X/ >:( So I have no photos, actually. >_< I really need a camera with a better focus range...

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