Talk About Ages…

…since I last did anything with this site. Geez, my last post was well over a year ago now. However, I’ve been craving a writing outlet again lately and decided it was high time to take this domain back to its roots…

When I first started this personal Web site, it was a collection of essays on various “controversial” topics. I’d been inspired by debating units in some of my classes in school (this was high school back then…can’t believe it’s been ten years), and I was tired of running nothing but fansites. Yes, my foray into the world of Web design and publishing was a pair of Backstreet Boys fanfic sites. As a testament to my Web skills and entrepreneurship, however, they did manage to eventually earn a bit of income. At least I was profiting from my fangirliness. 😉

Back to the topic at hand: in the spirit of it’s original form, I’m going to be making an effort to regularly post ramblings about things that excite, delight, upset, anger, and otherwise inspire me. It may be a bit of current news or a blog post from another site. Something experiential that causes me to wax reflective, or a momentary musing others may find more suited to fodder for their Twitter accounts. Regardless of the subject matter, I’m determined to get writing again.

In case you’re wondering, the previous posts here will remain up and open to comments, as always. I see no reason to take anything down just because the main line of discussion has shifted from food-blogging to more intellectual topics.

Welcome back to!

4 thoughts on “Talk About Ages…”

  1. Hmm…I’m sure it actually can, thinking about it. It just never was on this blog. Maybe factual and informative at times (a comment thread on what distinguishes “frosting” from “icing” comes to mind), but I never got into any intelligent discussion or musing to the level I have with topic-based writing and commenting.

    I think you’ve given me a challenge–incorporate more thoughtful and mentally stimulating food-blogging, as well! 😉

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