I have a propensity for noticing the little habits people have in regards to they ways they go about doing things. I’ve always enjoyed watching as others go about trivial tasks like applying make-up, shaving, tying shoes, driving a manual car, and so on. I pick up on the way a woman holds a brush as she powders her face, the methodical manner of a man shaving his face, the subtleties of a person’s stride as they walk down the street completely oblivious to the truly complicated process of putting one foot in front of the other.

It’s fascinating to me how much of an individual’s personality is revealed through tiny gestures and mannerisms. I detect playfulness in one, confidence in another, the need for control in yet someone else–all with respect to the way they go about the same activity.

Posture is something pretty much everyone notices. The grand emanations that can be generalized and taught: whether someone is closed or open, self-assured or deferential, lethargic or energized. What I take delight in is the perception of less obvious revelations of a person’s inner workings.

It always seems to surprise people when I point them out. To an extent, this reaction doesn’t actually surprise me–they wouldn’t be subtleties if the person I’m talking to did them deliberately. 😉 However, I do find it surprising that I’ve always been the first to bring the mannerisms up.

Does anyone else enjoy such things about people-watching? Do you pick up on little things? Does it occur to you what tiny gestures reveal about other people’s personalities? Are you ever conscious of your own mannerisms and habits?

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