Ferry Honks Mark My Days Now

Since I got in so late on move-in day, I figure I should only really count today as Day Four of living on my own in Port Jeff. I cannot even begin to describe how absolutely incredible it is to be able to leave my house and cut across a parking lot to get to work in the morning instead of figuring on a 45-minute commute by car, or a half-hour car ride followed by a 40-minute bus ride, or even just a 10-minute cab/car ride (when I was still on campus). This 2-minute walking commute is so my thing.

Speaking of work, I love our grilled veggie wraps. I desperately need to know how they marinate the veggies because it is Sublime. Plus, it’s so stuffed with charred-veggie-goodness that half is absolutely more than enough, and I’ve got dinner or lunch waiting for me in the fridge for tomorrow already. Ohhh, you tasty zucchini, summer squash, red peppers, and crisp asparagus, how you satisfy my appetite!

Of course, a little petit four treat afterwards certainly helps. 😉

2 thoughts on “Ferry Honks Mark My Days Now”

  1. Heh, such a short commute is DEFINITELY a wonderful thing. I love being able to just meander home in the afternoons, too. 🙂 Port Jefferson in general is a great town for walking–there’s lots to see, and everything you need is quite close by. I’m definitely liking it here so far. 😀

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