Huge Update(s) Forthcoming

Okay, so. I haven’t posted in a while, and my newsletters have been rather…delayed. 😡 My rabbit was deathly ill for a few weeks recently and required a lot of care, so when I haven’t been in class (or skipping class for him), I’ve been travelling home to care for him and then back to school again. Then last week I was summoned to serve jury duty, and on Saturday I went to see the Rauschenberg exhibit at the Met.


So I promise to update forthwith on the following topics: a lengthy day of covering what felt like ever square millimeter of Manhattan with Robyn back in January–for fooding, of course ;); making doughnuts; the local steakhouse here, J&R’s; the lovely little Vietnamese/Chinese restaurant Noodles 28 right across the street from Two Little Red Hens on the Upper East side of Manhattan; and the woes of a schedule that truly is not so conducive to cooking for myself much this semester.

Hopefully all that updating will satiate those who have felt the need to poke me to life here. 😉

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