Divine Chocolate-Almond Sinfulness

Ritter Sport Dark Chocolate Marzipan Bar: Innards

I have just had the ultimate pleasure of tasting a Ritter Sport Dark Chocolate with Marzipan bar for the first time in my life, and I’m basking in afterglow. To be honest, I purchased this bar earlier today plainly out of curiosity, having never had the opportunity before. After working for Lindt, I’ve become spoiled by quality chocolate, and my expectations were thus low. Especially since they make a dark chocolate-marzipan candy called Mozartkugeln that I absolutely love–or should I say loved?

Ritter Sport Dark Chocolate Marzipan BarThe Ritter Sport bar had been seductively calling my name ever since it came into my possession and took up residence in the bag I had with me at work today. I somehow managed to deny its siren song until the logical time of “after dinner,” and I’m thankful I did because it was a positively glorious way to close my day.

After finally succumbing to temptation and unwrapping the bar, I broke off one of the rows of logo-imprinted perfect squares to reveal the contrast of decadently dark chocolate and milky white marzipan concealed within. It smelled deep and sweet, and every small, careful bite I took was absolutely divine.

Yes, I consumed the entire bar.

Ritter Sport Dark Chocolate Marzipan Bar: InnardsThe fine snap of the bittersweet chocolate foiled against the pleasantly soft texture of the sugary almond marzipan was too persuasive, too irresistable. Allowing some bites to melt in my mouth and chewing some out of pure impatience to experience all of the flavor was a game I thoroughly enjoyed playing with this delectable treat.

Mozartkugeln truly pales in comparison to the Ritter Sport bar–literally and figuratively. While I absolutely adore nuts, especially almonds, and especially in the form of marzipan, the ratio of marzipan-to-chocolate in the Mozartkugeln is just far too great. In the Ritter Sport bar, neither one predominates, creating a confection of rich, subtly sweet chocolate sin complimented by just the right amount of nutty sweet paste.

Satiated, I am.

4 thoughts on “Divine Chocolate-Almond Sinfulness

  1. I guarantee you will not be the least bit disappointed!

    It’s also the Melody way–I just try to save some for more than one day if I can, so that I can spread out the pleasure. This rarely actually happens, though! 😡

  2. It’s a foreign candy bar, so unless you know of a local store that offers imported candies, I have no idea where you could find it in Wisconsin.

    However, you can very easily order it online from a number of sources. Simply search for “Ritter Sport chocolate bar” in your favorite search engine, and I’m sure you’ll come up with plenty of results.

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