Deprived of Cupcakes

I have had the strangest craving for cupcakes recently, and I do believe the result will be some experimentation in decorating. :yum:

Throughout my life, I can say I’ve never been the biggest fan of cupcakes. However, after reading through some of Robyn‘s fooding adventures involving cupcakes, I’ve developed a desire to have cupcakes, and I’m going to attribute it to the fact that I have clearly been on lifelong deprivation of really good cupcakes. I can honestly say I’ve never had a cupcake that wasn’t made from supermarket cake mix and meagerly frosted with supermarket canned frosting.

Clearly, I am in dire need of enlightenment.

So I think that as soon as I can find the time (i.e. after the Ballroom Dance Team‘s Masquerade Ball and competition at UConn, and after my art history midterms and papers are due XP), I am going to have to make some cupcakes and frost and decorate them myself. I might even turn it into a serious practice session for cake-decorating and attempt to create bejeweled cakelets in honor of my new job with Whitehall Jewellers. 🙂 Lord knows that judging from the results of my birthday cake-creation, I can definitely use some practice in the creating-art-with-icing department. 😛

On that note, I’d love for suggestions from any readers on what sort of cupcakes to bake and how to make my first from-scratch cupcake experience Teh Best Evar, OMG! 😀

4 thoughts on “Deprived of Cupcakes”

  1. Ooh noo, what have I done? ;D I was presented with the chance to eat an Amy’s Bread cupcake yesterday but I wasn’t hungry enough to eat it. Doh! Sounds like you need an enlightening cupcake eating experience. I have no cupcake baking experience so I can’t be much help with that, but I like the regular vanilla cake with super-sweet icing, a la Magnolia Bakery. I don’t have a favorite cupcake but theirs is very sweet. 😉

  2. *AGHAST* You, passing up a cupcake?? 😮 😉 I do definitely need to have a Real Cupcake Event (or RCE, I guess, hehe)–and thanks to all your baked goods reports, I’ve determined that I simply must visit Sugar Sweet Sunshine the next time I’m in the City–which won’t be too far in the future, as I have to make several trips each semester to visit museums for my art classes. 🙂

    I was thinking of starting off simple with my RCE and going with a basic yellow or white cake with plenty of super-yummy buttercream frosting. This way I can find out just how different an RCE is from my current cupcake experience without various flavors and add-ins complicating things. I mean, if you met someone who’d never tried a chocolate-chip cookie before, you wouldn’t feed them an Everything But the Kitchen Sink one, would you? No, you’d find the best, simple chocolate-chip cookie first and then expand their realm of cookie-tasting. 🙂

  3. Oo, next time you come here you should hit up a few cupcake bakeries! Make a whole event out of it. 😀 Without getting sick at least.

    TAKE ME WITH YOU! HAHAHA!…okay, maybe not such a good idea.

    Mm, Everything But the Kitchen Sink cookie sounds good. But yes, gotta start off simple first!

  4. It would be more like YOU should take ME, since I’m the ignorant one when it comes to cupcaking in NYC! And I think you would be a fantastic host. Plus, you’d have someone to share things with, like you’re looking to do so you don’t eat everything on your own, hee.

    I actually had a recipe in mind when I said Everything But the Kitchen Sink cookies–apparently it’s really called “Kitchen Sink” Chocolate Chunk Cookies, though. And I think the recipe would be improved with the addition of some nuts. Can’t ever go wrong with nuts in cookies, yum! :yum:

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