I Love Hyperbole!

I do indeed love rhetorical hyperbole. Anyone who regularly interacts with me in person and gets me telling stories or otherwise talking about virtually anything will experience my innate excitability and penchant for utilizing phrases like “[superlative description] in the HISTORY OF THE UNIVERSE!” Yes, I do indeed talk in all-caps. I’ll have to work on a valid scientific means by which to prove this… I also posses a deep appreciation for alliteration and litotes, but those are devices for another day.

While my boundless love of exaggeration has gone on for years, if not decades, my love for Hyperbole and a Half has only been apparent for the past few days. Mostly because I discovered the blog just three days ago, as I’m quite positive that my adoration would have been similarly immediate if HaaF had entered my life sooner.

I am particularly enamored of Spaghatta Nadle–to the point I was compelled to friend him on Facebook and print out strips to hang at my desk at work. The last inspired a veritable giggle fit, confusing the hell out of my coworkers until they reached the point of announcing that Spaghatta Nadle was only becoming funny because I was thoroughly cracking up! They didn’t get the randomness of Spaghatta Nadle and how that makes him so entirely hilarious, but at least they enjoyed my extreme laughter!

The random sense of humor is so perfectly suited to mine that it has had me reflecting on similar characters of my own born of obtuse conversations in the past. Namely: Dumblings. They were the source of much talk of the creation of comics, and definitely inspired some cute knitting and sewing projects created by myself and my sister. I’ve decided, though, that their comics should no longer be merely a topic of conversation. Dumblings in graphic form need to be shared with the world.

With that, here are Dumblings:

Dumblings OMG!!

If their introduction garners any support, I may be inspired to make them a regular feature. Because Dumblings are so the best characters ever invented in the HISTORY OF THE UNIVERSE!!

I am also generally in a super-crazy-silly-excited mood right now, and due to my state of living solo and having no company to speak of at the moment aside from the insect that is probably hiding steathily someplace in my apartment biding its time until I fall asleep and it can take another delicious sample from my arm like it’s been doing the past couple of nights, I am forced to expend some of this random ridiculousness here. Because unless I wanted to bounce around my apartment talking to myself in the dark, I’m sure someone at the gas station across the street would see me and feel the need to do something about the insane woman acting like a giddy five-year-old. And if I did decide to indulge my inner five-year-old in the dark, I’d probably wind up crashing into something and injuring myself because I’m also a total klutz and thus giddiness + darkness = badness!

Clearly it’s a good thing I can easily talk myself out of drinking alone, because if I were to add some of my insane Thai rum to the mix right now as I had been contemplating earlier, the result would surely be Hyperbolic Badness. And nobody wants that. Or maybe they do, but I am totally going to deprive them of experiencing it vicariously right now. Mwa ha ha!!

(I think this is the officially epiphany point I’ve been hoping to reach with this blog revival. It is finally taking a turn for the random! It is totally becoming ME. :D)

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