Poll: Toilet Seats

This poll comes to you courtesy of an incredibly wrong exchange between my sister, her boyfriend, and myself this evening! Proceed at your own risk, as I take no responsibility for the tremendously awful trains of thought that might ensue after consideration of the poll question and answer choices… I know in creating it that I had moments of nearly wanting to bleach my brain!

How do you prefer a toilet seat to be when you sit on it?

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2 thoughts on “Poll: Toilet Seats

  1. Context matters, of course. I prefer a non-cold seat, and in my own home, I generally know whose bums are around; in a public toilet, I still don’t care, but the squick factor might turn up a hair if it’s a warm seat. (Not enough to really be bothered, certainly not enough to relocate.)

    I’ve been to homes that have padded toilet seats–though still waterproof–and that’s probably a happy medium. They never feel cold!

  2. You already know about me and my general preciousness when it comes to toilets. ;P I wouldn’t really know about my preference for public toilet seat temperature, since I could never detect it through all the layers of seat liners or paper I cover them in! At home, though, I definitely prefer cool seats. Something about a warm seat always disconcerts me. 😛 Even in the dead of winter, I’d rather the shock of an icy cold seat than a warm one.

    And I have always, always loathed padded seats! Not the least of which because the vinyl always winds up cracking, and then your bum gets pinched, and I start thinking about all the germs that must be sneaking into the crack where they can’t be cleaned and leading prodigious little germ-y lives in the seat, scheming and plotting to infect me in some way. ;P

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