Lots of Site Updating Progress

Thanks to some time off from work and a lazy day at my sister’s place today, I actually accomplished a lot with the updating around LiquidStar. Still, it isn’t finished, but at least it’s workable and I’m not using a free WordPress theme anymore. Nope, we are thankfully back to a custom, self-made design!

More fixing-up to come over the next week or so…

Bear With Me

After my ever-generous friend and host Dan recently upgraded LiquidStar to a new server, I was finally able to update WordPress to the most-recent version. Of course, it’s so different from the previous version that my theme didn’t work anymore and I have to update a bunch of plugins.

While I do all that, very piecemeal due to my work schedule, please bear with me! I found a free template I can live with for now while I work on writing one of my own that will work with the new widgets feature and all.


Site “Realign”

I was reading some articles at A List Apart, and it inspired me to “realign” my site so that it not only validated but was also standards-compliant. The articles made me realize just how design-oriented my code was rather than structure- or readability-oriented. My pages would have made absolutely no sense to someone unversed in Web design, and they were basically useless to anyone not using my stylesheets.

So now the site has a logical structure and properly utilizes the HTML tags. I’ve gotten rid of my style-class-happy-ness in favor of structural IDs and tag nesting. And I also took the opportunity to make some visual changes, obviously. 😉

The re-coding hopefully has made it easier to navigate for more people, and it reflects the content better. For one thing, I realized the Asian stir-fry dish I was using as the header image before is completely unreflective of what I usually cook–I don’t think I’ve ever made a stir-fry before, but I make omelets and veggies all the time.

Let me know what you think of the improvements. 🙂

Site Spiffing and Mailing List Plug

Oh, and in site-related news, I spent a good chunk of time tweaking little things last night in order to spiff it up a bit. I’d been feeling like there were some minor aesthetic changes I could make to the way my posts were output in order to make the site look cleaner and be more to my satisfaction design-wise, and I think the few changes I made are a big improvement. Rather than doing complete design overhauls like I did every time I was displeased with how the site looked in the past, I think I’m going to do things like that from now on. It’s so much less time-consuming and the end result is the same–I’m happier with how my site looks. 🙂

I’d also like to quickly plug the mailing list for the site. I haven’t used it in ages, but I’d like to make more regular use of it now that I’m updating much more frequently than I had been. So mosey on over to the contact page and fill out the form near the bottom if you’d like to join the list. There are a few people still on it from before, so it’ll let you know if you’re already subscribed.


If it wasn’t obvious straight away, this site has just completed undergoing a thorough make-over! No longer is it a site about me, the webmistress, but rather it is a showcase of mini photo-documentaries of my cooking and baking endeavors. I decided to completely overhaul the content like this because I was sick of having a Web site solely about me–I’m just not that dynamic of a person to keep the content frequently fresh and interesting, and I wanted to have a record of successes I’ve had in my kitchen now that I live in an apartment at school and utilize it frequently.

So I hope you enjoy checking out my adventures with food as much as I’ve enjoyed taking them on and recording them for you!