Some People Ask Me Why I’ve Moved Out on My Own

Now this is why I really left my parents’ house for a place in Port Jeff…

Sitting in the shade on a bench near the harbor on a breezy, partly sunny, warm day while live music wafts between the zephyrs from a nearby restaurant second-floor patio. Thanks to wireless broadband access from the ferry, I can enjoy this gorgeous environment while updating my laptop and downloading some large files I wouldn’t dare attempt to download on dial-up at home.

The fact that I actually have off from work on a weekend day like this makes it even better, since the village is alive with people passing by, motorcycle groups gathering and riding around, and other signs of energetic, small town living.

Life is wonderful today. 🙂

I ate a goodie for Guilty Pleasure Sundays yesterday, knowing I had today off. That entry to come shortly… :]

I Want My Wild Fig!

In the process of working this weekend, I discovered that my beloved Wild Fig is currently closed! I was completely in shock when I approached the restaurant on my way into Sears and noticed the gates down and a sign in the window. I nearly had a heart attack from disappointment, until I saw that they are just relocating elsewhere in the mall. I have no idea where they could possibly be relocating to, but at least they aren’t gone forever. That would certainly be a sign of the apocalypse.

Wild FigFor those of you unfortunate enough to have never had a Wild Fig experience, this is one restaurant I happily and highly recommend to anyone in the area, especially people who work at the Smith Haven Mall in Lake Grove (like I do) because they deliver there and offer a mall employee discount. That came in handy for me while I was working at Lindt as a shift supervisor, when I was alone in the store for basically my entire shift and thus couldn’t take a break to go get food.

Their authentic Mediterranean-style food appeals to a health-conscious person like me. They have lots of veggie dishes, and their salads are absolutely TO-DIE-FOR. Seriously. I’ve never had a tastier Greek salad in my entire life. Their house dressing is so flavorful that asking for it on the side and only using a little doesn’t feel like dressing-deprivation at all.

I’ve also had their chicken kebabs, which are equally enthusiasm-inducing. They grill the meat perfectly–it’s cooked thoroughly but not the least bit dry–and the veggies are sweet and caramelized but not grilled to mushiness. YUM! :yum:

It says a lot about bread for me to enjoy it since I’m not the biggest plain-bread person in the world, and I enjoy their pitas. They’re fresh-baked, tender-but-crispy-crusted, and have a pleasant, light flavor. They go very well with their yogurt sauce, which is another thing I am thoroughly enamored of–it’s not to dilly, and being very sensitive to dill, I love when yogurt sauce is only delicately seasoned with it instead of RIFE with it.

On my list of things to taste from them is their lentil soup, since a former co-worker highly recommended it, chicken gyro, imam biyaldi, and any of the baklava. Mmm…layers of flaky pastry, honey, and other fillings…