The Drought Has Ceased

I’m officially naming this summer as The Summer Without Internet. Because that’s what it wound up being. Well, aside from lots of working at the bakery, some fun times with friends, a couple of BBQs here and there, and other such summery goodness, of course. But now I can add “cessation of my lack of connection to the world” to the list of events these past couple of months, thank the powers that be.

Understandably, I have so much to catch up on–e-mail, research I’ve been putting off, organizing, finances… So I can’t be bringing this site up to speed just yet, but expect some massive updating soon followed by the regularity I’ve been attempting to accomplish for ages.

It feels so good to be back!

Not Your Average Newsletter

If you’re currently on the mailing list, you got an e-mail last week explaining how I intend to have a trial run of writing a bi-weekly newsletter to the list. It won’t necessarily be food-related, but whatever I happen to feel like writing about every other week. If it seems to get a positive response, I might make it weekly.

So I’m going to give all my visitors the chance to sign up now before I send out the first “issue”–press time being set for this coming Friday. Just fill out that there form in the sidebar to the right to subscribe to the mailing list and get my newsletter. 🙂 Oh, and be sure to add my e-mail address––to your whitelist to make sure it doesn’t get filtered as SPAM, if you have such mail filters.