Starting Anew

I’ve decided to make this no longer limited to food blogging. I think that just became an excuse not to do anything with the site when I didn’t have anything food-related to talk about. So with my new life starting out on my own in a house in Port Jefferson, NY with a job at the bakery across the street, I figured I could relaunch the site as a general weblog–with the inclusion of food-related posts along the way, of course. 😉

All of the previous entries will remain up, and since the next two weeks are going to be filled with sorting through my things here at my parent’s house, preparing to move in to my new place June 1st, and working halfway across the Island all the while, have a look at my Flickr account while you impatiently await my next update here. There are plenty of photos there I never had the chance to reference in any posts–including a cake I baked this morning, so feel free to comment your heart out there. :]

Red Velvet Cake with Buttercream and Fondant

The real main event of my birthday party meal was, of course, the cake! And what a cake it was–it took me nearly the whole week to prepare between baking the layers, freezing and defrosting them, filling and sealing it, and then decorating it with fondant and icing. Since I had to make up my own recipe for the icing, it didn’t quite work out the way I was hoping, since I’m clearly not experienced enough at this just yet. However, it impressed my friends, and that’s what really counts!

I’m only including the recipe for the red velvet cake layers this time because the buttercream and icing were things I put together on the fly and I completely don’t remember what I did in any sort of detail. I bought the fondant from a craft store because I definitely didn’t want to mess that up–I’ll experiment with making my own sometime in the future.

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