Rooibos Cauliflower Mash

To see me eat this dish, you’d think I had ants in my pants. I was excited for HOURS after I first made it–seriously, I told everyone I ran into about it!–and now that I’ve perfected it with a second attempt, I’m making the recipe public. 🙂 It took me forever to figure out what I could possibly do with rooibos tea for this month’s TeaChef, and using it in place of broth when making mashed cauliflower just randomly came to mind during some of my brainstorming.

Personally, I find it so flavorful and the texture so delightful that I can eat it by itself, but it would make a great substitute for mashed potatoes or go beautifully with roast poultry. Yum! :yum:

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Jasmine-Scented Crème Brûlée

For a program I’m participating in, I created a recipe for tea-infused crème brûlée. My favorite site for buying tea, Adagio, runs another site, TeaChef, and through it I have the challenge of inventing a recipe using a different tea each month. This month, it was a jasmine oolong tea, and the dessert I put together with the tea is absolutely sinful! Even my sister, who was adamantly opposed to it since she doesn’t like jasmine teas, found it to be fabulous.

And considering the TeaChef program is a contest, I would muchly appreciate it if you voted for my recipe at the site! The voting starts on the 25th of the month, and there will be a link from the main page of the site to where you can vote.

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