Bear With Me

After my ever-generous friend and host Dan recently upgraded LiquidStar to a new server, I was finally able to update WordPress to the most-recent version. Of course, it’s so different from the previous version that my theme didn’t work anymore and I have to update a bunch of plugins.

While I do all that, very piecemeal due to my work schedule, please bear with me! I found a free template I can live with for now while I work on writing one of my own that will work with the new widgets feature and all.


Go ‘Break a Leg’–Like, RIGHT NOW!

So I met these guys in a bar. No, wait, don’t stop reading yet–this is really going somewhere good, believe me. So, guys in a bar… Turns out they are some of the brains behind this insanely-good Internet sitcom titled Break a Leg. Picture the film editing feel of Goodfellas shaken up James Bond martini-style with well-timed sarcastic humor and a splash of ridiculous comedic moments à la Monty Python. Just the fact that I’m actually watching a sitcom for once since the days of Full House on TGIF should speak volumes of the quality of entertainment bestowed upon … Continue reading

Thank God It Wasn’t the Gluten!

Despite the difficulties I’d been experiencing trying to find things to fit my lifestyle that were also gluten-free, I managed to stick to it for a week before giving in to some bread that I had been craving. I’d been feeling great, actually, so I was afraid I had just undone all the work of a week for several slices of carby heaven. Much to my delight, I continued feeling great despite the obviously glutenous mass of molecules I had consumed. Therefore, I have come to the self-assessed conclusion that my digestive and nutritive issues are purely IBS- and lactose-intolerance-related.

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Going Gluten-Free

So I’ve been doing a lot of reading recently on the connections between IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome, something I was diagnosed with 15 years ago–quite a feat of a disease for a nine-year-old to even have to think about undertaking managing, let alone actually doing it) and lactose-intolerance, gluten-intolerance, and thyroid disease. A couple of my other friends with digestive disease have been recently diagnosed with Celiac Disease, and it got me wondering if maybe I suffer from it as well.

Considering the already-diagnosed IBS and confirmed thyroid problems, along with other symptoms, I’ve become rather convinced that I do … Continue reading

Quite Possibly the Longest Gap Ever

After finally getting Internet access at last summer’s rental room, a whole series of events took place that had me completely distracted from this site. By the time I was set to get back into it all, I went to upgrade WordPress only to have it all go wrong because the server liquidstar is on doesn’t have the required versions of things. X/ I didn’t have the patience to deal with fixing it at the time (January, after I finally graduated college!), so the site just stagnated in a state of brokenness for over 8 months.

Until yesterday and today, … Continue reading

The Drought Has Ceased

I’m officially naming this summer as The Summer Without Internet. Because that’s what it wound up being. Well, aside from lots of working at the bakery, some fun times with friends, a couple of BBQs here and there, and other such summery goodness, of course. But now I can add “cessation of my lack of connection to the world” to the list of events these past couple of months, thank the powers that be.

Understandably, I have so much to catch up on–e-mail, research I’ve been putting off, organizing, finances… So I can’t be bringing this site up to speed … Continue reading

Some People Ask Me Why I’ve Moved Out on My Own

Now this is why I really left my parents’ house for a place in Port Jeff…

Sitting in the shade on a bench near the harbor on a breezy, partly sunny, warm day while live music wafts between the zephyrs from a nearby restaurant second-floor patio. Thanks to wireless broadband access from the ferry, I can enjoy this gorgeous environment while updating my laptop and downloading some large files I wouldn’t dare attempt to download on dial-up at home.

The fact that I actually have off from work on a weekend day like this makes it even better, since the … Continue reading

Pausing for a Moment

The second Guilty Pleasure Sundays and other things I’ve wanted to write about will have to wait a while… I got a cut that required three stitches on Monday, so typing–among many other normal, day-to-day things–is an annoyingly slow and difficult process with a disabled finger (the index of my left hand, of all of them!) and I’m trying to avoid it as much as possible until I’m healed, which is looking to be (ugh) at least two weeks from now. X/

Guilty Pleasure Sundays #1–On, Er, Monday

Well. I wound up working a double shift yesterday, so I actually wasn’t home at all to post for my first Guilty Pleasure Sundays, but I definitely did get to indulge in something absolutely guilt-ridden and pleasurable, oh my…

Fudge-Topped Brownie
One of the girls I work with over-heated a customer’s brownie yesterday, and the fudge topping go a little melty, so we treated ourselves to a little gooey brownie delectableness in the back room after she prepared a properly-warmed piece for the customer. Oh my gosh, was that brownie amazing.

I’m generally not much of a brownie person, … Continue reading

Fooding Project Concept

I don’t want to wind up spending my summer working at the bakery the same way I spent the summer a couple of years ago working at Blockbuster: putting in 30 or so hours at a place where I’m, in all honesty, not-so-well-versed in the product. While I most definitely enjoy seeing movies, the combination of not having much time outside work to make full use of my rental privilege of 5 free movies each week and the lack of someone to spend movie-watching time with made for a decidedly film-free few months of employment at an entertainment giant.

In … Continue reading