Victim-Blaming and Rape Apologists

I’ve been mulling over this post for a week now, and most of the waffling has been over the fact that posting here is public and much of my opinion on the subject of victim-blaming is grounded in the fact that I am a victim, have subjected myself to internal victim-blaming, and these are things I haven’t ever admitted publicly. In fact, I’ve only admitted them privately to very few people.

I think part of being the victim of anything, though–whether it be rape, emotional abuse, a disease, or anything else–is by not talking about it you allow it to … Continue reading

Giving a Damn

I’ve signed up for the Give a Damn campaign. Because not only do I hope for a day when other people can be themselves without being judged, restricted, and even harmed by others simply due to who they are, but I’d like to see that day for myself.

I don’t like having to censor what I say here, to think of topics I’d like to discuss and then toss them aside for fear of what certain people reading will think. I can relate to the people the Give a Damn campaign aims to help. It would be indescribably wonderful … Continue reading

Chivalry vs. Respect

Yet again, a fantastically entertaining and insightful piece by Jill is serving as the backdrop for some of my own musings. The topic of the day: chivalry, its relationship to feminism, and the ever-hilarious Plight of the Nice Guy™.

At this point in my life, I can say that I’ve had both the pleasure and displeasure of experiencing a great variety of points along the spectrum of male-female interactions. I’ve been subjected to both emotional and physical violence, I’ve been treated with traditional notions of chivalry, and I’ve been the recipient of respect.

Given the choice between all of … Continue reading

Tipping in Restaurants

I stumbled upon a blog post by a waitress with regular contributions to Slashfood over the past few days. After perusing the comments on that entry, I was inspired to read the entirety of Hanna’s “What Can I Get You Folks?” series along with most of the comments, and as a result I’ve been left extremely disillusioned with restaurant servers.

The vast majority of industry commenters, and the author herself, express a level of entitlement to a minimum 20% tip that I find absolutely disgusting. While I acknowledge that a vast number of states in the US … Continue reading

Indefinitely After Un-Relationships

In the course of my usual morning blog-reading on Saturday, I was led to this post by Jill on the winding path of dating when it’s complicated by the fact that you’re a very vocal feminist. While I will be the first to admit I’m (generally, in person) not a vocal feminist in the slightest and quite probably do nothing to help feminist causes at times, there was a particular section that really inspired reflection upon my own path through the world of romantic relationships:

It would be nice to be in a long-term stable relationship, but only … Continue reading

Reproductive Rights

When all is said and done, the biggest issue facing any developed nation today with respect to what is referred to as “reproductive rights” is shaming. Regardless of whether a country instates policies and laws that protect the ability of a person to choose how they are going to approach their reproduction, or lack thereof, the fact is people will attempt to shame them for whatever choice they make.

Seriously people, it’s none of your business what choices people (male or female) make about what to do with their own bodies. As far as I’m concerned, if you would like … Continue reading


I have a propensity for noticing the little habits people have in regards to they ways they go about doing things. I’ve always enjoyed watching as others go about trivial tasks like applying make-up, shaving, tying shoes, driving a manual car, and so on. I pick up on the way a woman holds a brush as she powders her face, the methodical manner of a man shaving his face, the subtleties of a person’s stride as they walk down the street completely oblivious to the truly complicated process of putting one foot in front of the other.

It’s fascinating to … Continue reading

Talk About Ages…

…since I last did anything with this site. Geez, my last post was well over a year ago now. However, I’ve been craving a writing outlet again lately and decided it was high time to take this domain back to its roots…

When I first started this personal Web site, it was a collection of essays on various “controversial” topics. I’d been inspired by debating units in some of my classes in school (this was high school back then…can’t believe it’s been ten years), and I was tired of running nothing but fansites. Yes, my foray into the world of … Continue reading

Going [Gone] on an Adventure!

I’ve been doing a lot of travelling lately about the West Coast. After a few lovely trips up to Portland, OR, wherein I was finally able to see a lot more of the city than just the airport, I was welcome to tag along on a friend’s driving odyssey from Portland to Flagstaff, AZ for a Grand Canyon rafting trip. Despite plenty of warning that it was going to be far from a luxurious excursion, I insisted on being fully capable of handling a rough road trip and was thoroughly excited by the prospect of going on an adventure!

Continue reading

Lots of Site Updating Progress

Thanks to some time off from work and a lazy day at my sister’s place today, I actually accomplished a lot with the updating around LiquidStar. Still, it isn’t finished, but at least it’s workable and I’m not using a free WordPress theme anymore. Nope, we are thankfully back to a custom, self-made design!

More fixing-up to come over the next week or so…