I’ve been staring at a blank box in WordPress for days, trying to come up with something to write about. Since about Tuesday, however, I have had absolutely ZERO attention span for anything because I feel just so…full of EVERYTHING.

That is completely nonsensical, but that’s exactly how I feel right now. Full of everything!

And it’s not terrible in the slightest. 🙂

Talk About Ages…

…since I last did anything with this site. Geez, my last post was well over a year ago now. However, I’ve been craving a writing outlet again lately and decided it was high time to take this domain back to its roots…

When I first started this personal Web site, it was a collection of essays on various “controversial” topics. I’d been inspired by debating units in some of my classes in school (this was high school back then…can’t believe it’s been ten years), and I was tired of running nothing but fansites. Yes, my foray into the world of Web design and publishing was a pair of Backstreet Boys fanfic sites. As a testament to my Web skills and entrepreneurship, however, they did manage to eventually earn a bit of income. At least I was profiting from my fangirliness. 😉

Back to the topic at hand: in the spirit of it’s original form, I’m going to be making an effort to regularly post ramblings about things that excite, delight, upset, anger, and otherwise inspire me. It may be a bit of current news or a blog post from another site. Something experiential that causes me to wax reflective, or a momentary musing others may find more suited to fodder for their Twitter accounts. Regardless of the subject matter, I’m determined to get writing again.

In case you’re wondering, the previous posts here will remain up and open to comments, as always. I see no reason to take anything down just because the main line of discussion has shifted from food-blogging to more intellectual topics.

Welcome back to liquidstar.org!

Lots of Site Updating Progress

Thanks to some time off from work and a lazy day at my sister’s place today, I actually accomplished a lot with the updating around LiquidStar. Still, it isn’t finished, but at least it’s workable and I’m not using a free WordPress theme anymore. Nope, we are thankfully back to a custom, self-made design!

More fixing-up to come over the next week or so…

Bear With Me

After my ever-generous friend and host Dan recently upgraded LiquidStar to a new server, I was finally able to update WordPress to the most-recent version. Of course, it’s so different from the previous version that my theme didn’t work anymore and I have to update a bunch of plugins.

While I do all that, very piecemeal due to my work schedule, please bear with me! I found a free template I can live with for now while I work on writing one of my own that will work with the new widgets feature and all.


Quite Possibly the Longest Gap Ever

After finally getting Internet access at last summer’s rental room, a whole series of events took place that had me completely distracted from this site. By the time I was set to get back into it all, I went to upgrade WordPress only to have it all go wrong because the server liquidstar is on doesn’t have the required versions of things. X/ I didn’t have the patience to deal with fixing it at the time (January, after I finally graduated college!), so the site just stagnated in a state of brokenness for over 8 months.

Until yesterday and today, when I finally took the time to fix it all and get it up and running again, thanks in no small part to being housebound due to yet another sprained ankle. 😛

Now the site is shiny and pretty, I’ll be happy to get back into blogging as I move into yet another new chapter in my life. One that seems to be starting off even bigger and brighter than any before. 🙂 I’m moving clear across the country from New York to California, with a couple of fledgling possibilities setting smiles across my face on a daily basis. 🙂

Right now, though, my mind needs a break from all this graphics-editing and coding and fiddling. X)

The Drought Has Ceased

I’m officially naming this summer as The Summer Without Internet. Because that’s what it wound up being. Well, aside from lots of working at the bakery, some fun times with friends, a couple of BBQs here and there, and other such summery goodness, of course. But now I can add “cessation of my lack of connection to the world” to the list of events these past couple of months, thank the powers that be.

Understandably, I have so much to catch up on–e-mail, research I’ve been putting off, organizing, finances… So I can’t be bringing this site up to speed just yet, but expect some massive updating soon followed by the regularity I’ve been attempting to accomplish for ages.

It feels so good to be back!

Pausing for a Moment

The second Guilty Pleasure Sundays and other things I’ve wanted to write about will have to wait a while… I got a cut that required three stitches on Monday, so typing–among many other normal, day-to-day things–is an annoyingly slow and difficult process with a disabled finger (the index of my left hand, of all of them!) and I’m trying to avoid it as much as possible until I’m healed, which is looking to be (ugh) at least two weeks from now. X/

Ferry Honks Mark My Days Now

Since I got in so late on move-in day, I figure I should only really count today as Day Four of living on my own in Port Jeff. I cannot even begin to describe how absolutely incredible it is to be able to leave my house and cut across a parking lot to get to work in the morning instead of figuring on a 45-minute commute by car, or a half-hour car ride followed by a 40-minute bus ride, or even just a 10-minute cab/car ride (when I was still on campus). This 2-minute walking commute is so my thing.

Speaking of work, I love our grilled veggie wraps. I desperately need to know how they marinate the veggies because it is Sublime. Plus, it’s so stuffed with charred-veggie-goodness that half is absolutely more than enough, and I’ve got dinner or lunch waiting for me in the fridge for tomorrow already. Ohhh, you tasty zucchini, summer squash, red peppers, and crisp asparagus, how you satisfy my appetite!

Of course, a little petit four treat afterwards certainly helps. 😉

Starting Anew

I’ve decided to make this no longer limited to food blogging. I think that just became an excuse not to do anything with the site when I didn’t have anything food-related to talk about. So with my new life starting out on my own in a house in Port Jefferson, NY with a job at the bakery across the street, I figured I could relaunch the site as a general weblog–with the inclusion of food-related posts along the way, of course. 😉

All of the previous entries will remain up, and since the next two weeks are going to be filled with sorting through my things here at my parent’s house, preparing to move in to my new place June 1st, and working halfway across the Island all the while, have a look at my Flickr account while you impatiently await my next update here. There are plenty of photos there I never had the chance to reference in any posts–including a cake I baked this morning, so feel free to comment your heart out there. :]

Scratch that Last Promise…

I’ve been doing a lot of personal re-evaluation–and in some cases first-time evaluation–lately, and I’ve come to the conclusion that this site is not going to continue as a food blog any longer for various reasons.

I’m reprioritizing, and in the process, food and all of its related things have been placed quite near the bottom of the list. More akin to “breathing” than “something of importance, worthy of frequent thought and concern.” Definitely not deserving of anything as time-consuming as documentation, even on the infrequent basis this blog has seen.

As such, I’m going to have to rethink the newsletter and restructure the site as well. I’m actually considering finally letting going of liquidstar.org and buying a new domain name. We’ll see.

More to come…